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Fashion fur choice for every taste and color

Fashion fur choice for every taste and color

Mink fur coats, jackets, sabel, river mink, rabbit

Fur coat from natural fur – classic fashion genre, the cherished dream of every modern lady. This is not surprising. Fur gives women the confidence, elegance and femininity. The winner of the coat feels like a Queen. To be on the top mean to pick up the right choice of fur that is right for you. And to face, and figure, and to the soul. Let's look at the most popular types of fur.
At the first stage of popularity among the other types of fur world fashionistas have put a chic mink fur. The mink fur is soft and dense. The length of the pile, the density of the under-wool, and the colour depends on the type of mink and its habitat. There are many natural shades of mink coats: pastel on Palomino, sapphire, mahogany, Jaguar, white, iris, pearl. It's not the whole list of possible natural mink colors. Mink is wearable and practical. It is perfect balance of looks, price and quality. The product is made of mink fur has become more accessible. While wearing a mink coat can be many years. In perfect condition mink coat remains 10 to 15 years.
Second place in the ranking of fur in popularity is sable. Sable is one of the most expensive and valuable types of fur in the world. Mink – “Queen” of Fur, sable is definitely the "king". The sable fur is silky and thick. Expensive sable Luxury has an excellent natural solid color with silvery hairs. Canadian sable is brown with Golden shimmer cheaper option natural sable fur. It is the most durable option fur.
Fur chinchilla occupy the third position. Silky soft thick fur chinchilla wins the hearts of wealthy true fashionistas. This is an expensive prestigious kind of fur is "for publication". Light and delicate chinchilla fur with a relatively short service life. Exploitation period is only 2-3 seasons. Natural color chinchilla fur: white-gray, beige, black. Single word, the chinchilla coats are very expensive pleasure.
Also expensive and rare type of fur is considered to be a lynx. Valuable is only fluffy white spotted abdomen lynx. Fur lynx do not stain and do not cut. The blacker and brighter spots on a white background, the more expensive the lynx fur. The woman in the fur lynx coat likes a “woman-cat”. On the one hand, white and fluffy, on the other hand is a predator. She can to release her claws at any moment.
The next stage of popularity deservedly received the fur of a Fox. The owner of fur has long shiny elastic pile. Natural colors: red, white, brown, silver, Golden and others. The fur of foxes can be painted. This type of fur is more expensive, but worn worse. The period of wear fur Fox is about 8 years.
Next is an Arctic and blue Fox warm fur with long and thick hair and thick wool. In nature, the Arctic Fox is white and blue color. The blue Fox fur is more valuable. Fur coat blue Fox will withstand 12 seasons, white – 9.
One of the most affordable and versatile species is considered to be warm and lightweight rabbit fur. Especially popular is fur Rex Rabbit. Professionals call it babecom. Fur Rex Rabbit like as chinchilla fur. This is a beautiful fur with soft short NAP. The “fur” market presents a huge selection of fur Rex Rabbit for every taste and color. The choice of fur Rex Rabbit is really wide: from classic fur models to trendy novelties. Fur coat Rex Rabbit with proper care will be worn for 4-5 seasons.
Natural fur is always warm and comfortable. The choice depends on your desires, personal preferences and capabilities. Modern woman has to be always on the top and stands out in the crowd! Successful shopping!

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